Whirlwind Week

Well, this week has been a whirlwind to say the least.
It started out much like any other.  We spent Mother's Day with our Mom's.On last Sunday I came across this little beauty full of hidden potential and charm.

That said.  We did a drive by of this little house on Sunday afternoon.Empty???  Yes!  So, we went ahead and peaked in her windows.Wow, still interested?  We could see it had tons of opportunity!
This has all of the features we are looking for.  It is in our home town of LeClaire, Iowa, it is a total fixer uppper, it sits on two charming lots that are landscaped with flowering trees, it's in a quaint part of town surrounded by other charming
older homes that have been fixed up.  It has a two car detached garage with a studio area above (perfect for Travis' workshop.)This is the worst house in the best neighborhood scenario!  Perfect!
So, we decided to have my uncle, who is a realtor, take us through the house on Monday.Once inside.....well, let's just say it is a total gut job on the inside.  So it hasn't scared us away yet becuase we can totally see the opportunities in this place.Can't you just see a new front porch, cedar shakes in the gables, I could go on and on...Did I mention she has 10 foot ceilings???
I can't stop thinking about how perfect it would be!  To be back in LeClaire, near our family and friends!
So, now fast forward to the present day!  Well, we need to finish this all the updates to our current home before we can even think about putting it on the market. 
So, we are going to be busy, busy, busy trying to beat the clock!We have to sell this house before we can purchase our new dream fixer upper.Hopefully it is still sitting waiting for us!!!If not, well then at least it has totally motivated us to finish our house and fast!  We have decided we are selling no matter what to try to get back to LeClaire!  Yeah!!!

So hopefully time is on our side!  Wish us luck, we are going to need it!Gotta go!  Lot's to do!!!  I hear a paint brush calling my name!