Signs - Coffee And Another Birthday

Interesting coffee signs - the first from a Portuguese cafe in Porto, and the last 3 photos from the Concept Cafe at Curtin University in Perth.
I'm not a coffee drinker, preferring herbal teas. In fact I haven't had a coffee in over 18 years, all due to a very strong Brazilian coffee that I drank while visiting a friend of my Mom's. After a short while, my blood pressure must have shot up because I started shaking. Mom and I went home and I went to bed to rest. The result was that even though I love the smell of coffee I can't make myself drink it at all ?.
For other signs from around the world go to Tom's blog.

And I almost forgot...
Today is my Dad's 87th birthday.  He's still a very active and agile person, loves to sing, dance and his photography hobby.
And yes, our family seems to have a lot of birthdays in March.
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