PSFK : Good Ideas For 2010 Book.

I recently had the pleasure of working with PSFK on artwork for the new volume of their annual book - PSFK : Good Ideas For 2010. It was a fun project to work and the book turned out great. I went for the Work-In-Progress vibe and did some brainstorm sketching right over the clean vector design. I think it looks neat and is appropriate for this book that celebrates new ideas, innovation, progress, and creativity. Thanks Piers & Co. Always an honor. Click-Zoom.
"This isn’t a trend report. This is an inspiration piece. Piers and the team at PSFK looked through a lot of the posts we have published in the last year and we selected what we consider some of thee most engaging (and sometimes challenging) projects being created by artists, designers, developers and other amazing minds. It could be read by people in business, it could be read by a creative type, it could be read by your friends." Buy the Book.