Open House Perth 2015 - Dream House

Another one of my Open Perth visits was to this architecturally renovated house in the suburb of North Perth.
This 1937 Art Deco 2 bedroomed bungalow was extensively renovated and extended both to the back and with the addition of a 1st floor to the back of the property to allow for a growing family and the owner's design practice.
It's now a modern energy efficient and light filled home while still maintaining the heritage characteristics.
It has won a Building design and Conservation award in June this year from the City of Vincent (council where the house is located).

Enjoy the visit, it sure was a dream home! Hope you don't mind the photo overload!

At the front of the house a corner of the garden is taken up by a tiny pool (to the left) and a small play area for the kidsPart of the corredor had a glass wall with a view of the garden (The mirror table was lovely too)The en-suite bathroom had exquisite tiles, lots of mirror and overhead windows where the light streamed fromThe round oval bath and round 3D tilesThe dining room/family room with brushed cement walls, wood paneling and lots of glass on the right, opening to the gardenThe black kitchen had a mirror backsplash as well as some doors and the fridge were covered with mirror 
The shaded tropical looking entertainment area to the side of the house next to the lounge areaBarbecue areaAnother corner of the garden with a water feature behind the palms (you can see the mirror table behind the glass to the left)The quirky metal staircase and the play room beyond

The three upstairs bedrooms - 

The upstairs kids bathroom again with unusual 3D tilesTo the left you can see the original front of the house and the black painted to floor added to the back There are a lot of sustainable features in this house with only the top floor bedrooms having ceiling fans for cooling, while the bottom floor has a lot of ground level louvre windows which draw in the cool air.

I loved the living area to the back of the back which opens up to the garden/outdoor living area in summer or can be closed with the glass doors in winter making it a cosy living area.

Hope you enjoyed the house tour too.