Mephiston Conversion Rebased

The last of my rebased special characters is mephiston.  He was on a pretty bland one before and he is quite the dreadnought killer so I thought I'd make use of this base.  I'm going to get a Ravenguard decal to put on it to taunt my buddy who's an avid Ravenguard fan.  After quickly swapping over 3 characters to these sort of bases and having pedro mounted to one for future painting, I will be using scenic bases wherever possible on special models from now on.  There is just no comparison between them and regular bases.  For such a small cost increase you can make a model really stand out.  We spend so much time and money making our models look nice yet a lot of the time the bases get neglected and they're just as much a part of the model as any other.

Previous article here; and a before and after pic below: