Maracuja Cocktail

Maracuja Cocktail
I had leftover Maracuja juice and felt like having a cocktail. This doesn't happen to me very often as I'm not into alcohol, unless I've already paid for it like when we were at Club Med. There, you would find me downing glasses and glasses of Mojitos and Tequila Sunrises throughout the day.
This morning, the 3 boys left to play golf. Baby Boy was so motivated he woke up, brushed his teeth and dressed up on his own first thing in the morning. Then he asked for a packet of Oreo biscuits and a Ribena drink to put in his golf bag. Isn't he just so perfect.
We girls are left at home and we decided to make ourselves Maracuja Cocktails and play the piano.

Maracuja Cocktail (the alcoholic version) :
1 shot White wine, Rum or Tequila2 shots Maracuja juice2/3 shot Grenadine syrup1 shot Sparkling water1/2 shot Lemon or Lime juiceMint leaves
Mix everything together, crush the mint leaves (then remove them if you wish) and serve in cocktail glasses.