Some of the key options are eliminated such as bring to front or to back. And yes, there are all of your recent documents for you to continue to work with. Hi Phillip, Thank you for the review! And customer service is great I was initially sent MacDraft Professional 6. I am easily able to import and manipulate CAD files. macdraft

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Hi Art, Thank you for the glowing review. I had many versions of Mac draft. MacDraft allows these to be created quickly and easily. It right now is the biggest reason I have jump all in on.

I now can do my work in less time, and achieve better looking results.

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Sometimes this macdarft too much time to recover them and stretch them to the correct scale. Vendor Response By Microspot on August 16, There's no better software for creating effective "bubble diagrams", and easily evolving those diagrams into initial plans.

We'd be lost without it.


I like all you do. Mafdraft can't snap to intersections. Where it performs brilliantly is within its main selling point, 2D design. I definitely recommend for the price. Quickly snap to the edges and centers with intuitive and precise snap lines that mxcdraft positioning your objects easier and faster, saving you time.

As I get used to it I think I will like it as the tool to send out CAD drawings that can be translated to others programs.

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You can also choose whether the background color you set is included in the printing of your document. This has resulted macdrat my losing many hours of time and sometimes complete jobs, since on several occasions, I've not been able to recover my lost files.

It is not nearly so convenient.

I have not yet tried to make my own library items and hope to do that too because many of the default images are not useful to me. Its deficiencies notwithstanding, this thing is my favorite design tool except for pencils. Back then it was as easy to macdraff as Apple's MacDraw but could accurately maintain scaling when moving an image from one drawing to another with each drawing in a different scale. You can change that in system preferences OR you could hit the 1: Ease of use, intuitive interface.

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Once finished you can print your designs, export them to PDF and share them with others. All in all a vast improvement except for the teething problems mentioned below.

Price points were similar for both apps Both have easy User-intuitive interface designs for approaching macdrwft goal of creating great-looking drawings,easily.

Vendor Response By Microspot on August 7, When did the first MacIntosh come out?


I've been using this software for over 25 years and it's constantly helped me do my job. As it is a review you will note that it is lacking five stars in the features and functionality bit.

Can you add more restaurant equipments and ADA toilets, lavatories, grab bars to the library. Its great to know you feel the program is easier to use: Thanks again and keep macdgaft MacDraft 7 Microspot Team. My how things have changed. I did get it to crash once on a very large drawing above 14meg.