{knead To Eat} At 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1, UE BizHub East North Tower, #01-30 - The Art Of Making A Delicious Brutus Roast Beef Sandwich

The {knead to eat} Guide to Making a Great Tasting Sandwich {knead to eat} Founder Mumtaz Marican has generously let me in to the secret to making a delicious Gourmet Brutus Roast Beef Sandwich. She has her Sandwich Artist demonstrate a step by step guide below:Step 1 - Slice the bread in the middle to open into two halves.

Step 2 - On the base half of the bread, spread the first dressing evenly to cover the entire half. 

Step 3 - Lay the sliced tomato as the base. 
Step 4 - Lay the rolled beef on top of the tomato.  

Step 5 - Add the caramelised onions. 

Step 6 - Lay the sauteed fresh Shiitake mushrooms on top of the caramelised julienned white onions. 
Step 7 - Lay two slices of Cheddar cheese on top of the caramelised mushroom. 

Step 8 - Spread the top half of the bread with the mustard spread & cover the Cheddar cheese.  

Step 9 - Slide the Brutus Beef Sandwich on the flat metal pan ready for the oven toaster. 
Step 10 - Oven toast the Brutus Beef Sandwich for about 3-5 minutes till Cheddar cheese just melts. 
Step 11 - Serve the Brutus Beef Roast Sandwich immediately.  

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