Grate To GREAT!

Despite the weird snow in March weather, this weekend was surprisingly productive.

First up were these strange grate thingys.  I bought them from a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago for I think 20c each.  I'm not entirely sure what they are - maybe a BBQ rack or a grill rack?  Whatever they are, they had something funky stuck to them.  Nothing a good soak and scrub with a wire brush couldn't fix.

I really liked the pattern so in the cart they went.  Yep, I'm the type of person who needs a cart when I shop at a thrift store, ha!

I decided that after cleaning a coat of spray paint was definitely in order.  I thought the zig zag pattern would be perfect for holding postcards and notes.

This is how it was looking after a couple of coats (I wanted to try just one first to see how it turned out).

Luckily there were a number of small holes down each side, the perfect size for running a rope through to hang my upcycled note holder.  I picked some up at Hobby Lobby for a little over $1.

Here is my new note holder hanging in the master.  Can you believe that this used to be a scabby old grate?  Sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas from, I really do.

I added this sweet little origami dog to the top (it was a West Elm Christmas clearance buy).  He was looking up so I needed to give him something to look at....a funny little rabbit keyring (no clue where it came from).

 You can see that's it not just the note holder that made its was onto the wall in the master.  Oh yes, I was hammer happy this weekend. 
 I hope you all had a productive weekend.  Be sure to check back on Wednesday for more wonderwall updates. Katexxx

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