Good-bye And Hello

On Saturday I pick up my husband from the airport. He is coming home after having worked and lived in Adelaide (South Australia) on a project for the last 3 years.
We had 3 years of weekends together, other short visits from me to Adelaide or from him to Perth, many many frequent flyer points earned, but a lot of loneliness too of course!
Hopefully he will now be based in Perth again for his next project.

But tomorrow (Thursday 31st) I say good-bye for a short while to my son and daughter in law, as they depart on a 3 week visit to Portugal to visit family on both sides. It will be the first time my family meets Sara, the new member of the family.
May they have a safe flight! 

These photos were taken on one of my many visits to the airport to pick up my husband, while I wait for his call to say he has landed...
They have a viewing platform and very handy parking lot, a 5 min. drive to both the domestic and international airport terminals.

There's always lots of keen plane spotters with their long lenses photographing every plane that lands or takes off and some of them even taking notes of the details of every plane.

Another domestic flight landing

These were taken with my mobile, a couple of weeks ago while I sat waiting in the carpark