Giving In The Raw!

For many of us, holiday time involves gift giving. Gifts from the kitchen are always appreciated.

Fragrant and useful, this herbal wreath can be for any foodie on your list.

Evergreen Herb Wreath

Materials needed:
fresh herbs of choice
kitchen twine
decorative bow, or one made from twine, as the twine can be re-purposed:)

1. For wreath form, create a circle from wire, making a small loop to hang if desired. Oval wreaths look pretty, too:)

2. Make small bunches of desired herbs. I used 5 mixed bunches, each with rosemary, thyme, and sage. You can use small clear rubber bands if you want to hold bunches together. Cut a length of twine for each bunch of herbs to tie them onto wreath form.

3. Starting at the top, tie the end of one bunch of herbs to the wire form

4. Tuck the end of the next bunch under the tip of the previous bunch, and tie both together to the wire with string.

5. Continue until all bunches are added. You may want to un-tie the first bunch to add the tip of the last to it. Or, if adding the bow here, tie down the tip of the last bunch in it.

6. Add bow as desired.

For the 6-inch wreath shown, I had 2 small packs of rosemary and one each of thyme and sage.
I used floral wire to form the wreath, and used unbleached kitchen twine.

The wreath can be made ahead of time and kept wrapped in the refrigerator. Misting the wreath will keep it fresh for a couple of days in advance.

The herbs will dry in a few weeks after it is hung up.

A decorative bow looks pretty too.

A much quicker and easier gift to make is an herbal swag.

Simply tie two larger bunches of herbs (ends in the middle), and cover with a decorative bow:)

Fellow blogger, Aimee aka bitt, recently had a wonderful post about vegan friendly gifts, and MORE raw vegan friendly gifts!. Check it out for some awesome ideas that won't break the bank.

Since it is better to give than to receive, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that raw food chef Elaina Love, and her son Dom need our help.

Please click here to help.

Elaina's blog has updates.

If you are able to help at all, please do. My thoughts and prayers have been with this beautiful family since learning their story.

Thank you.