#FastFoodFriday Greek Mexican Style

Tasty little packets. I eat them with a side of radishes.
Greek Mexican? As in "a Greek and a Mexican walk into a bar"? Well, not exactly.  So, a Greek-Mexican baby? No, although that would be an awesome combination. What I'm talking about here is a simplified version of one of my favorite Greek Heritage Kitchen recipes, the traditional Spanakopita. That mixture of fresh spinach, green onions, feta cheese, eggs and fresh dill. At it's basic best, this recipe has no eggs or cheese, only the goodness of fresh spinach and dill. My cousin Soula’s husband, Christo, remembers eating small hand pies in his village in Greece. Called Pitarouthes, these pies are similar to Spanakopita but they use a mixture of wild greens and herbs and are encased in homemade dough, then cooked directly on a hot stone by or in an outdoor fire. I never heard of or experienced such a treat and I’m going by Christo’s description and various traditional recipes that I’ve researched. Of course, they’re best with handmade dough, but these tortillas are a great hack in satisfying cravings when time is limited.
Spinach can be used whole. Other greens will have to be sliced or chopped into smaller pieces.For this Covid-19/Coronavirus/shelter in place/social distancing/shutdown/meltdown kind of cooking, I have combined the spinach, a few other greens, the fresh dill, a little onion and Feta cheese with...a tortilla! Yes, we're making a Greek-Style Spinach and Feta Quesadilla or a Fillo-Free Spanakopita. Yup. We certainly are, and it's going to be fast and easy for #FastFoodFriday.

We'll need spinach or spinach and other available greens or just other available greens. It's the Coronavirus Kitchen cooking, so we use what we have or what we can source. Don't be afraid. Look in your refrigerator, round up all of the available players and let's get cooking. In my refrigerator I had a bit of baby spinach, and from Golden Forest Farms I had Lacinato kale and baby rainbow chard. A healthy and most delicious combination.
For a printable recipe with instructions, click here. Below is a visual map for making these tasty little packets of greens goodness.

Notes: If you're vegan or just cooking vegan for a while, omit the cheese. No big deal...unless you're Greek, then it's a big deal.