Elyon Cakes At 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-2008 - The Ambience The Signatures

About Elyon CakesTucked away in the cosy corner at Blk 126 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Unit #01-2008 is a boutique cafe specializing in cakes, sliced cakes, non cream cakes, muffins, cupcakes, tarts, sandwich that is founded by two sisters Anne Chin & Magdeline Chin who comes from a Peranakan family with rich Peranakan heritage. Armed with traditional authentic Peranakan recipes & methods they had learnt from their mum Mrs Chin who herself is an avid baker, the Chin sisters started Elyon Cakes. The Ambience The cafe is very cosy & dainty with a seating capacity of about 15 pax, yet houses a rich selection of pastries, cakes, muffins & cupcakes that are made using traditional Peranakan recipes & methods, using very little equipments & gadgets. 
Adorning the walls of Elyon Cakes are some beautifully frame up posters depicting inspirational Bible Scripture verses, a reflection of the Chin sisters' Christian beliefs. 

The coffee at Elyon Cakes are brewed using Jura beans, and offers Long Black, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Latte Macchiato. Elyon Cakes offers Green Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Flavored Tea such as Chamomile, Lemon & Ginger, Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks. 
Lighting & Decor 
16 Giant light bulb pendant light with dark bronze fittings, (retails at 104 pounds) hang over in two rows above the Service Counter at Elyon Cakes. The clear blown glass bubble pendant light has a brilliant appearance with its oversize bulb design housing the inner tiny lamp. The giant glass bulb comes with soft rippled surface that diffuses & soften the light in a dreamy twilight glitter. The dark bronze finish lamp holder, central pole, & 1 meter hanging chain completes the vintage look. The oversize light bulb hanging light makes a huge illuminating impression in the cafe with its rustic vintage fell, and looks great overhanging the Service Counter. 
The Non Cream Cakes 
The side tables next to the Service Counter showcases the non cream cake selection : Lemon Raisin Coconut cookies ($5.50 per pack), Banana Walnut Slice ($3 per slice, 2 for $5.60), Lemongrass Ccocnut at S$3.50.
Elyon Cakes serves tea from Akbar in flavors such as Rich Soursop (below).

The Signature Cupcakes 
The Signature Cupcakes offered at Elyon Cakes baked daily include the following flavors - Chocolate Addiction (with Chocolate cream topping ) at S$3.00 per serving 

Black & White (with Vanilla cream topping) at S$3.00 per serving.Strawberry Chocolate (with Vanilla cream topping) at S$3.00 per serving. 

Peanut Butter (with Peanut Butter cream topping) at S$3.00 per serving.  

Salted Caramel (with Salted Caramel cream topping) at S$3.40 per serving, S$19.00 for 6pcs, S$38.00 for 12pcs. 

The Signature Muffins 
The Signature Muffins comes in the following flavors : 
Cranberry Pineapple Almond at S$1.40 per serving.

Black & White Chocolate Chip at S$1.40 per serving, S$8.00 for 6 pcs, S$16 for 12 pcs. 

Orange Citrus Peel at S$1.40 per serving, S$8.00 for 6 pcs, S$16 for 12 pcs. 

Blueberry at S$1.40 per serving, S$8.00 for 6 pcs, S$16 for 12 pcs. 

Banana Apricot at S$1.40 per serving, S$8.00 for 6 pcs, S$16 for 12 pcs. 

The Signature Cakes & Tarts 

The Signature Cakes & Tarts include the following flavors :Red Velvet (with Cream cheese topping) at S$3.40 per serving, 6 pieces for S$19.00, 12 pieces for S$38.00, with frosting made using cream cheese, sugar & fresh cream, the sponge layer made with a Cocoa 30-40%, and natural compote to lend the red hue. I love that the Red Velvet frosting is creamy smooth lightly sweet & pairs very well with the red velvet sponge layer.

Banana Walnut cake at S$3.00 per serving, 2 pcs for S$5.60. The fresh Del Monte banana is mashed, to it is added the crushed walnut & the batter. The mixture is then baked in the oven. I love that the cake has a generous dose of banana & walnuts to lend a fragrant natural banana flavor interspersed with crunchy nutty flavor from the walnut, yet not being overly sweet. You can really bite into bits of the banana as well as the walnut in this cake. 

Lemongrass Coconut at S$3.50 per serving. The Founders grind the fresh lemongrass, add the fresh grated coconut meat, mix & bake it, then drizzled the lemongrass coconut cake with lemongrass syrup. 

Rainbow Roll with Fruit cocktail is priced at S$2.00 per serving. This is a colored cake with 4 different color strips. The Founders bake the different color strip by strip, then spread out with a layer of fresh cream, followed by a layer of  fruit cocktail, then roll it up like a swiss roll. I love the design of the Rainbow Roll as it is really colorful, & comes in 4 different pastel color shades of orange, purple, green & pink. The lighter pastel color look more naturally appealing & more appetising ( as I personally find those colors that are very dark colored very artificial & too stark bright). The sponge cake turn out to be delicious, soft mildly sweet with a cream inner layer interspersed with a generous dose of the fruit cocktail that lends a sweet tarty flavor. 

Kahlua Espresso Coffee Cake (with Fresh Cream) at S$32.00
Galaxy Sponge with Fruit Cocktail (with Fresh Cream) at S$32.00

Customised Birthday Cakes are also available at Elyon Cakes. 
Blueberry Tart at S$3.00   per serving. 
Signature Brew 

Elyon Cakes is located at :Blk 126, Bukit Merah Lane 1,#01-202, S(150126)Tel : 62747422Email : [email protected] Hours : Mon to Sat    9am to 7.30pmSunday (Closed)