April A-Z: Taking The Plunge

Game on!  I've signed up for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April 2012...

My previous month-long blog challenge was the September of Short Adventures from a while ago, and it was quite the experience. The cliche about how constraints can be liberating -- and how they can foster avenues of creativity that one wouldn't otherwise anticipate -- turned out to be true in my case, and hopefully I'll strike gold again...  :-)

My theme for the A-Z challenge will be:  "An A-Z of Symbols, Glyphs, and Sigils... To Enrich Your Games and Lives!"  Well, maybe the final title won't be so grandiose, but the general idea is to discuss one specific SIGN or SYMBOL per day, with examples of how it can spur ideas for making one's games more enjoyable.

For people happening upon this blog from outside the usual community of readers, the "games" I'm talking about are old-school (1970s and 1980s era) tabletop role-playing games.  The classic example is the infamous Dungeons & Dragons, but the Old-School Renaissance (OSR) community has broadened this hobby in many interesting ways.  Also, I'm always looking for ways to build on the syncretic and philosophical ideas of Hermann Hesse's Glass Bead Game, and hopefully some of the posts will slant in that direction, too.

Welcome!  I look forward to April!