Always Go To The Original Sources

From AP/Yahoo:

...A little-known Belgian songwriter won a plagiarism case against Madonna on Friday, leading a local court to ban the megastar's song "Frozen" from sale or broadcast in the country.

Songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva's suit had alleged that Madonna's 1998 hit off the album "Ray of Light" plagiarized parts of his song, "Ma Vie Fout L'camp (My Life's Getting Nowhere)," which had been written five years earlier....

And this is why the EU won't take off. For all their talk about a United States of Europe, you still have national sovereignty putting a cramp in things, as people sneak over to the Netherlands to buy "Frozen" (which is, in my view, the last of Madonna's string of utterly awesome songs).

Remember the last Belgian song we discussed here? Well, here's the latest information:

De heer Raymond van het Groenewoud verblijdt ons met zijn nieuwste plaat. "Weg met Amerika" kent u waarschijnlijk reeds omwille van de controverse die hierover ontstaan is. Maar de plaat is veel meer dan dat alleen! Nummers als "Kelners, muzikanten" en "Ik zou liegen als ik de waarheid sprak" zijn een ware zalving voor het oor. Daarom: Dank u wel, Mr Raymond!

According to Babelfish, this is what the original post said:

Mr Raymond of the Groenewoud gladdens us with its newest plate. "gone with America" you know probably already because of the controverse which has arisen about this. But the plate is much more than that only! Numbers as "kelners, muzikanten" and "I would lie if I spoke truth" am a truth oiling for the ear. For this reason: Thanks you, however, Mr. Raymond!

And this statement was oiling in my ear, or in my eyes:

Only when artists are free to incite nationalist-based hatred will a people truly be free. In fact, if Belgium cannot bring themselves to liberate their artistic community, perhaps it is the responsibility of the United Nations to step in and see to it the Belgian arts community is liberated. I volunteer my own services as tactician in any armed liberative intervention deemed necessary by the omnipotent United Nations....

Perhaps Madonna will cover the song as restitution for her alleged plagiarism. But returning to Salvatore Acquaviva:

"I was in the bath. I was listening to the radio, and thought that's strange, I know that melody. I said it's not possible," he told a Belgian TV station.

And if you're not in the bath, you're in a Kabbalah course:

The beginning of a man's sensation of the spiritual worlds is called the Exodus from Egypt captivity. The whole road of a man is the road of mastering the upper world, the road of receiving a spiritual vessel consisting of seven attributes (Sphyrot) and correcting it. Each of these attributes in its turn also consists of seven sub-steps.

A man receives all 49 of these attributes uncorrected. He should gradually correct them within himself, and while correcting the 49 attributes, he is mastering the spiritual world step by step, beginning to sense it more and more. The whole complete universe appears before man according to the degree of his correction of the 49 attributes.

A man starts sensing the spiritual world. By comparing his own attributes and those of the spiritual worlds. He comprehends himself, his small selfish desires, his disposition to squabbles, theft, minor mean actions, betrayal, search of injustice. In the contrast between his attributes and comprehension of the spiritual, a man starts hating his attributes. This very hate makes him ask the Creator to change these despicable attributes to spiritual virtues.

But Madonna (at least at the time of the "Sex" pictures) is not a man, you say. So, she should go to Kabbalah for Women:

Course: Kabbalah and Philosophy
Lesson 3: A fraction of truth developed by the human intellect
When will it be possible to submit Kabbalah to humanity?
The role of Kabbalah
What is spirituality?
The theft from the books of the prophets
The philosophers’ mistake

However, the course does not say if Madonna or Britney et al should own dogs. Thus we turn to Hasidism:

As a dog lover myself, I hope that someday the time will come when more Hasidic children will know the joy and companionship of having a dog. (Yes, I am aware of certain negative things in kabbalah about dogs, but kabbalah is in the category of midrash, i.e., not binding as law....)

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