A Wicker Dresser & A Pinterest Tip!

I recently let y'all in on my little furniture upcycling secret. It's been a lot of fun and a super affordable way to furnish my new house... Up until this dresser. This dresser sucked. I was going to do a whole tutorial on my process, but this was NOT the piece for that. Instead I'm just going to show you the pictures and tell you that you probably shouldn't take on a wicker piece of furniture unless it's totally free. It's a really big pain in the butt. Here was what the dresser looked like when I salvaged her from a little antique shop:
Yes those are lightning bolts. I don't know what would possess a person to put lightning bolts on a wicker dresser, but that's what it looked like. What you can't tell from this picture is that the paint on the dresser was obviously very cheap spray paint. Shiny and thick and not painted well. A hot mess. I took all of the hardware off, removed the drawers and the doors and the interior shelf and sanded everything down as best I could. Then I sprayed the entire piece with white Krylon primer. I taped off the wood edge details and then sprayed the dresser with Krylon "Ocean Breeze". I went over the wood details with white paint and replaced all the hardware, drawers, doors, and shelf. Finished project looked like this:
Pretty big improvement right? 
This dude was a beast. Took me a good long while. I hate wicker. End of story. 
ANYWAYS the other thing I was going to tell y'all was this little Pinterest tip I picked up the other day. Shaving with baby oil instead of soap/shaving cream. It's supposed to extend the life of your razor (which I love because I'm a cheap-o & razors are expensive!) and give you a closer shave. I tried it out and I LOVED it. 2 days later and my legs are still super smooth, but the BEST part was that when I got out of the shower my legs were so moisturized! Usually I have to put on a ton of lotion immediately after showering because I have very dry skin, I didn't use any lotion and my legs were perfectly hydrated. Easy peezy. Bonus: saves me money on razors & lotion! Just thought I'd pass that little tidbit along :-) 

Hope everyone has a great day... I've got a Thai recipe coming up this week so stay tuned!